Competition Categories

1st Category-Beauty Pageant $40.00
This Pageant is for Males and Females

Contestants should wear a Sunday best outfit, formal wedding attire, pageant dress, suit or tux. Contestants may provide a music CD (Maximum 1:30 min). Judging for beauty pageant is based on facial beauty, personality, and overall appearance. NO INTERVIEW OF TALENT REQUIRED. Beauty Pageant Awards: One winner followed by a 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up, and 3rd Runner Up. The winner will receive a beautiful trophy and tiara for girls and king crown for boys. Each runner up will receive a trophy. Beauty pageant winners will receive their Beauty Pageant Entry Fee paid to represent your city at the Finals. Contestants wishing to enter Optional Events and Side Categories are required to enter the Beauty Pageant first. ALL CONTESTANTS WILL RECEIVE A PARTICIPATION AWARD FOR THE BEAUTY PAGEANT. YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

2nd Category-Optional Events

Photogenic $15
Bring an 8X10 or 5X7 photo with you to registration (color or black and white). Judging is based on personality, expression, and naturalness of photo. The photograph must be in original form and NO enhancements or touch-ups. Please DO NOT send photographs or bring them in frames.

Most Beautiful/Handsome $15
Judged on facial beauty only. Judged during beauty pageant

Theme wear (Outfit of Choice) $10
This can be a costume, western wear, sportswear, swimwear etc. (Be Creative) Judged on personality and appearance. Contestants must provide their own music CD to coordinate with their them (Max length 1:30 min).

Holiday wear $10
This is any outfit you may choose with Valentine’s Day in mind. (Be Creative) Judged on personality, appearance and creativity.

There will be a winner in each age division for each optional category. The winner in each event will receive a plaque or trophy and their Beauty Pageant entry fee paid to the finals. Each optional event can be entered by all contestants (all ages).

3rd Category-Side Categories $10

Best Attire, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Smile
These three events are judged while the contestants are on stage for the beauty pageant.

4th Category-Talent $20

This is a separate event and is not included in total points for overall winners. Contestant must turn in a good quality CD and have a back up if necessary. Talent has a 2:30 min time limit. Judged on technique, creativity, appearance, and personality. (A trophy awarded to each age group)

5th Category-Supreme Overall Winner, Grand Overall Winner, Overall Winner

To win of these awards contestants need to be entered in the beauty pageant, most beautiful/handsome, photogenic, holiday wear, and theme wear. The talent score and side category scores do not count toward the overall scores.  Each overall winner will receive a trophy, crown, sash,               and savings bond.